With increasing natural disasters and emergencies, planning and preparedness is even more important for both you and your pets.

We have put together some information around  of the most common questions we are asked. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for please email us at admin@mypetwallet.org.

What is My Pet Wallet?

My Pet Wallet is an online digital wallet to help you keep track of your pets most important information and to have close at hand in times of emergency. But it also is handy for every day life, for example, when you need to send proof of vaccinations to doggie daycares as an example. It’s as simple as a click of a button.

What is a Pet Evac Pack

A Pet Evac Pack is a kit containing things you may need if you and your pet are faced with an emergency.  It’s a grab and go kit mean to help provide you with the resources to get your beloved pet to safety, and keep them safe. Purchasing your Pet Evac Pack through us also helps provide support to other pets during emergencies as ten dollars from every pack sold goes to the Animal Food Bank’s Emergency Pet Fund.

Why would I need an emergency kit for my pet?

Our Founders have worked closely in large scale natural disaster evacuations in Canada, learning that pets are often the forgotten evacuees.  When their humans arrive at an evacuation centre, there is no guarantee pet food and supplies will be there. In an emergency, when you have moments to flee, you can have peace of mind knowing you simply have to grab your Pet Evac Pack and you will have emergency supplies at hand.

What is the Animal Food Bank Emergency Fund?

Ten dollars of every sale of a Pet Evac Pack is donated by My Pet Wallet Inc. to the Animal Food Bank’s Emergency Pet Fund. This fund is used to provide pet supplies (food, crates, leashes, etc) to evacuees in times of crisis. Read more about the Animal Food Bank here.

Can I customer my Pet Evac Pack?

Currently we are unable to offer customizations through the shop on our website but if you would like a quote on a customized pack, please email our team at admin@mypetwallet.org. We would be happy to assist you!

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