+ Pet Evac Pack

The Ultimate
Safety Kit for Your Pet:

Ready for Any Emergency

In life’s unexpected moments, your readiness can be their lifeline.
Our Pet Evac Packs are thoughtfully designed to ensure your pet’s safety in emergencies. It’s more than just a kit; it’s your promise to protect and care for them, no matter the situation.

Help protect your pet and otheres!  Ten dollars from every pack sold goes to the Animal Food Bank’s Emergency Fund through the Amp It UP Foundation.

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Did you know?
of pet owners live
in communities
threatened by
natural disasters
0 %
of pet owners
are not prepared
for a pet emergency
0 %

Understanding that pets are beloved family members, My Pet Wallet created the Pet Evac Pack to safeguard them in
emergencies. These comprehensive kits, developed from real-world experiences, provide essential care and
comfort in unpredictable situations.

Each Pet Evac Pack is thoughtfully equipped with survival necessities, guided by expert advice and pet owner
insights. Our mission is clear: empower pet owners for proactive safety, making emergency preparedness a key part of responsible pet care.

With the Pet Evac Pack, you’re not just prepared; you’re actively protecting your pet’s well-being. Embrace peace of mind, knowing you’re ready for anything life throws your way.

Ten dollars from every pack sold goes to the Animal Food Bank Pet Emergency Fund, through the Amp It UP Foundation.

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